Youtube-ing it up

2014-10-22 11:04:55 by zeroflash97

I doubt there's anyone who knows me here that doesnt know i have a youtube channel but i totally do and i often take "inspiration" from NG! Plus its a really good way to people with similar interests!

Other than that  i've made a solid handful of videos so far so if you haven't already, do go give 'em a look!



Some people love em, some people hate em. Me, i love em like they're goin outa style!

Not to mention, what better way to get feedback on the game's mechanics, style, and design while it's still in development?

I thought i'd do something simple, make a couple of levels that might or might not appear in the full game and see what people think and what could be improved on and so on and so forth.

Lastly, I'm hoping to have decided on and explained the game to my team so everyone is on the same page on monday. :)

All Systems are, GO!

2014-02-04 12:22:41 by zeroflash97

"One does not simply make a great game in a night."

I dunno if anyone said that first but i'm takin the cred! 

Just like Tag Team, I'm back Newgrounds and and Whoop! Here I is B)

Its time te get serious, just like i said (kinda) you cant make a great game all by yourself, erm..well there was that one guy who did Cave Story but that took 5 YEARS. 

I need a team, a group, a click, a League of Justice Aquaintences if you will! Remember it's a 2 way street, I can help you too :) 

So hit me up in the PM's or via gmail ( and i'll give you the low down on the Project!